Friday, August 05, 2005

Help for Rebuilding a Life after a Fire

Marianne Mancusi was off at the Romance Writer's Conference. She came home to discover her house had burned to the ground. She lost everything. Here's a link to the Literary Chicks website. They're friends of Marianne who are spearheading a drive to help her rebuild her life. There are several relevant posts, so I linked to their main page and you can scroll through to get the story and find out what you can do to help.

Other things

I googled. Kohl's online has what looks like the same pan I used to own. I'm going to check out their local store this weekend. I want to check it out in person because it might not be the same pan. The company makes another one that looks the same in a picture, but is actually smaller and with shorter sides. If I can't find the same pan, I did find two others that have the features I want. The Cuisinart is a bit pricier than the Circulon. The Cuisinart is oval-shaped, which means it holds more than the round Circulon pan. So, I have some decisions to make about what to get. Being a cook means I'm extremely picky about what goes into my kitchen.

I'm almost finished reading Afterburn and Talyn came yesterday. My friend's publishers release their books all at the same time, so I can't keep up. I'll probably have a recommendation for you tomorrow.

I need to get Chris to pull out his chess set today. I like playing chess, even if I almost always lose. When we move, we're going to find a way to display the chess set. It's gorgeous. The board looks kind of like a castle. If I had the money and the space to display them, I'd collect chess sets. There are so many beautiful sets that are works of art.

We're going to take the family to breakfast to celebrate Paul's birthday. We didn't want to plan dinner and then have our friends call wanting to do their celebration on the same night. My family loves going out to breakfast, so it works out fine. There's a local restaurant, The Country Gourmet, that makes the best Eggs Benedict. They put it on their homemade biscuits instead of on an English muffin and they make the hollandaise themselves. All of their food is fresh, so whatever you order, it's always excellent. If you're ever in the San Jose area and are looking for a superb breakfast, I recommend this place highly.