Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Katrina--Part Three: More Ways to Help

I've been reading weblogs this morning. I have a few more ways you can help the victims of Katrina.

From Jennifer Jackson's weblog:

Jennifer challenges people to donate $25.00 to the Red Cross. You can donate to the Red Cross online here: Red Cross Donations They're really busy, so it may take several attempts to get the page to load.

A commenter on Jennifer's site noted that Coinstar has machines that allow you to donate to the Red Cross when you bring in your change. There's a list of locations on their website.

Alison Kent has a story about one of her critique partners on her weblog. It includes information about how you can help her, if you'd prefer to help a specific person, rather than make a general donation.

I wish I could do more than get the word out and pray, but it's all I can do with our family having no income and no idea how long this job hunt will be.