Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Katrina--Part Two

Sheila posts about a way that anyone can help the victims, even if you don't have money or stuff to donate. Here's a link to her post: How to Help. I hope people who can donate, whether you're donating blood, money, or stuff, won't let time slip by without them getting around to it.

I have a correction from yesterday. My more science savvy husband pointed out that satellite cameras could only show the tops of the clouds. But they could put remote cameras in storm areas so they could get their video without needing to risk the lives of reporters.

Feeling Frustrated

So, why are we putting manpower and money to save dolphins when there are people who could have been saved, if someone had taken the time to find out who they were and get transportation to them? I get saddened by the people I wrote about yesterday. But I get sickened by the callousness of a culture that can't be bothered to create a database of people who are too poor to have transportation or too old, sick, or frail to be able to get themselves out. And can't be bothered to set up a system of minivans, buses, or other multiple-person vehicles to go around when evacuation is necessary and get these people to safety. I get frustrated by the sympathetic faces on the reporters when they report those deaths. If the people who are in a position to set up a system would stop overthinking the reasons against it and just do it, the death toll could be reduced.

I think my frustration comes from living in earthquake country. We're lucky in that we don't get them very frequently and they're rarely big enough to cause damage, hurt, or kill people. But we're unlucky in that we can't predict when an earthquake will hit. You can keep the necessary stuff for an emergency around all the time. And you hope that if there's a devastating earthquake, it doesn't make it impossible to get to your emergency kit. That's all we can do.

But the folks in storm country do get advance warning, and it just seems to me that they should do whatever it takes to make the most of that warning period. I think if they ever get to the point where they can predict earthquakes, I'd take the warnings seriously and do whatever I could to make sure as many people as I could help would survive. And I don't understand why the people in storm country don't do that. Maybe they do and I'm just uninformed, being several thousand miles away. I'd sure like to hear that I'm wrong.