Friday, August 26, 2005


It's Friday. You know--the TGIF, kind of "take it easy" day? In the Sprinkle household? Nah!

We got up this morning planning to go to breakfast and get clothes for Chris's new job. Two errands. Simple. The restaurant was across the street from the store, so an hour and a half, two hours tops, and we're done.

That was before the tribbles started to spawn. We realized we had to go to a different store for his shoes. A small check came yesterday, which added a trip to the bank. We now have four tribbles--um-- errands. Do tribbles multiply exponentially?

Just as we were headed out the door, David called. He needed a ride to the computer store to get more RAM and a video card. Of course, they only had the RAM. So it was off to computer store number two to locate a good video card. That makes six tribbles. We came home to pick up some stuff Chris forgot to bring to David's and sodas. Oops! Seven.

We went to David's to have a sandwich and take a break. We watched some of the documentary about Lucas' making the original Star Wars. The part where they show the actor who played Darth Vader speaking the lines was hilarious. The guy moved perfectly, but just didn't have that menacing voice Vader needs. Good thing they hired James Earl Jones.

While we were eating, David installed his video card. Works perfectly. He opened up the RAM package and discovered that--yes, the numbers on the paper and the box were correct. He'd signed the paper saying so in the store. But the clerk had given him a RAM chip for a notebook, not a desktop. Off to computer store number three. And tribble number eight.

The shoes for Chris? They got added to the regular tribbles--groceries, etc.--we do every Saturday. And that's what the Sprinkle house has been like the past two weeks. Tribbles anyone?