Thursday, August 18, 2005

I'm Back with a Nearly New Cool Computer

Well, I didn't keep my promise, but I didn't break it, either. I'm writing at the first opportunity I've had this week. We've been troubleshooting and swapping parts and swearing a lot at the box that allows us to go online.

Turns out we must have had a destructive power surge. We had three major parts get fried--the CPU, the video card, and the RAM. We'd swapped out the motherboard and power supply, too, so we ended up keeping them. It was very frustrating to keep changing parts with the result being sometimes it beeped before it died and sometimes it didn't. Everything we thought of that could have gone wrong should have been fixed by changing the part. But, eventually, my hardware techie, troubleshooting genius husband, figured out we'd lost more than one part. Then he and I worked out a system to find the right combination of parts to get it running again. It was one of the toughest computer problems we'd worked out since we built our first computer together. (Yep, I'm a geek.)

While we were at it, we replaced the case fans because we'd filched them from an old case and they were the wrong size. Their rattling was getting annoying. We wanted quiet fans. So, we got some that were designed for gamers. Not only are they quiet, but they have LEDs on them. They light up with lots of pretty colors. The case has a design on the side that resembles a daisy. The petals and center are transparent. My computer now looks like a cross between a 60s flower power T-shirt and Las Vegas. When we told Chris to boot it up last night after dark, he shook his head and said, "Parents aren't allowed to have things that cool."