Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Food Meme--Part One

I read a food blog meme that looked like fun yesterday. I wasn't tagged, not being in the food blog circuit, but I thought I'd like to do it, anyway. The meme is to write about five favorite food memories from your childhood. Or, if you want to do a writer's meme--do five food memories one of your characters has.


Ravioli has to be the first on my list. Nonee, my grandmother on my mother's side, made these incredible ravioli. They were about three inches square, with a nice, large mound of spinach and ground beef filling. She made the filling and her meat sauce in advance. Even in the freezer, they got that deep flavor you get that makes leftovers better than the first day. She made the pasta dough fresh on Christmas morning.

I remember her spreading out a large cloth on the kitchen table. She sprinkled it with flour and rolled out this huge mound of dough. Papa, my grandfather, had made a special rolling pin just for rolling out pasta dough. She put the mounds of filling the same distance apart on the half of the dough closest to her. She folded the other half of the dough over the top. Then she used a long stick to press the dough down between the mounds of filling. She had one of those serrated-edged ravioli cutters to cut the ravioli apart. She piled them on a plate and dumped them in boiling water to cook them. I don't remember how many batches she made, but for over 20 people, it had to be two or three.

We ate them, along with the traditional American turkey dinner, every Christmas. We always told her to forget cooking the turkey stuff and just do ravioli, salad, and garlic bread for Christmas. She never would, though. My mom and her sisters always squabbled over who got to take the leftovers home. YUM!!

Periodically, I try to make them myself. I get a little closer to her recipe each time, but I have to make them more often than every five years if I'm going to get it right.

Because I'm a writer, not just a foodie person, I think my blog will be way too long if I do all five today. So, tomorrow, part two.