Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Food Meme--Parts Two & Three


When I was a kid, one occasional treat we used to go out for was Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream. I remember everyone trying to decide what two scoops they wanted. My brothers read all the weirdly named flavors-of-the-month. The baseball-themed ice cream was a big hit. My dad coached their Little League team. I was different. I always had the same thing--Chocolate Fudge and French Vanilla on a sugar cone.

I still like Baskin-Robbins, but I eat kid-sized scoops these days. I wonder if the scoops were smaller in the '60s than they are now. I don't think the French Vanilla is all that good anymore, either. I guess I got spoiled making my own custard-based ice cream with vanilla beans to flavor it. These days, when we go for Baskin-Robbins, I'm more partial to Jamocha-Almond Fudge.

Birthday Memories

This one isn't really a food memory, but it involves food. I remember a birthday party when I was four or five. The food part of the memory was a birthday cake my mom made. It had a red-and-white striped cardboard top and animals around the sides to make a carousel. Mom invited the neighbors. My great-aunt was there. My cousins. A few kids from the neighborhood. I don't remember a lot about the party besides what the cake looked like. What's odd is that the memory is in black and white. The photos were in black and white because they didn't have color cameras for the snapshot photographer yet. But the image in my head isn't the same as the photos. Isn't it odd how our memories work? Maybe that's why all the movie makers who do movies about the '50s and early '60s are all in black and white. That's how they remember them.