Thursday, September 15, 2005

Oops! & Spreading Gratitude

I know I said I'd post every weekday, but yesterday was weird. We went to do errands and I forgot I hadn't posted. I didn't remember until this morning. Oh, well. That's life sometimes.

This week has been a weird one. I've had a lot of different things happen that have sent me on a roller coaster ride of emotions. The news about the hurricane reminds me how much better I have it than a lot of people, including some who had the resources to evacuate. But a complaint on a weblog about how much time one's job takes away from what we'd rather be doing made me depressed because I know my husband would give just about anything to have a job to fill his time and pay the bills. He's busy learning the stuff to get an A+ Certification, but he'd rather be working and doing that in his spare time.

If I were to put it on a scale, the balance would fall more in the things to be grateful about than things to be depressed about category. I wish it were true for everyone. So in the interest of helping some folks get closer to having more to be grateful for, I'd like to post some more ways you can help the victims of Katrina.

Nora Roberts is matching donations for Habitat for Humanity. Here's a link to the details:

Alison Kent's crit partner, Larissa Iona, lost everything in the hurricane. An ebay auction with items donated by authors, editors and agents is worth checking out. If you're a writer, many people have offered manuscript crits. If you're a reader, there are lots of autographed books to bid on, some of which aren't out yet. Here's a link: ebay auction.

The Victorian Trading Company is donating part of what you spend on their site to the American Red Cross. Here's a link: Victorian Trading Company. It's my understanding that the donations for the hurricane victims is on through September, but they donate to various charities year-round.

On the Greater Houston Community Foundation web site you can find a link to donate to the New Orleans Hospitality Workers Disaster Relief Fund. New Orleans was such a mecca for foodies and many of the people who lost so much were from the restaurant industry. I never got a chance to try the wonderful New Orleans food I've read about for years. Maybe some donations will help keep these people afloat so they can go back and revive the great food so many people talked about.

Donations list: I checked my donation links and discovered that some are no longer valid. I recommend checking the links and editing your donations list weekly, if you have one on your site. Some sites change their links or it gets to their deadline and they take it down.

BTW--for anyone who might be wondering, I will get to the second book rant I mentioned. I have some other things I want to write about first. Like I said, this is a mishaculanza and it means "mixed up" as much as it means "eclectic".