Thursday, August 11, 2011

Need a Techie Guru's Help

We've set up three computers in our recent move. I almost hesitate to say that the SJCO Mac, my work computer, is the only one that works properly when connected via the wireless network to the internet because I don't want unhelpful comments like, "Just replace your PCs with Macs" because that's not a viable solution for our situation. Neither do I want a PC vs. Mac war. So, please limit your comments to suggestions I might actually be able to use to fix the problem. Thanks. On to describing the problem:

Paul set up his computer and checked his email. When he tried to go to any site not connected with Google, the sites wouldn't load. He did get Craigslist to load, once, but after he shut the computer down and rebooted it would no longer load. It doesn't matter what browser he's using.

I set up the office Mac and, once the first page loaded, which took longer than normal, everything worked perfectly.

When Paul set up my desktop computer, I experienced the same problem he's having with his laptop. My computer will not load any pages except gmail, etc.

Here's where it really gets weird. Paul hooked up his laptop using a LAN cable and it worked perfectly. When he unhooked it and tried it wirelessly again, the problem returned.

Anyone ever heard of this? Anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you all for taking the time to read and consider our problem.