Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Game Night 1-Final Menu

Children never believe you when you tell them that when they grow up they don't get to do whatever they want to do. Hence, my plan is on hold. I've decided Game World Dinner Night will be on the weekend-Friday, Saturday or Sunday, whichever life allows me to do. This week, I'd originally planned for tonight, but my three errands to do this morning turned into an all-day marathon because my mom needed us to help her with her errands.

I started this post way back at the beginning of the month. Since then, the folks at Zynga have made some changes in Cafe World that I'm not enjoying. So, I'm not playing anymore, which kind of makes it hard to do my whimsical idea. Except I have some friends who are still playing, so maybe I'll just help them with their games and not worry about finishing the catering jobs for myself.

I'll be working on the recipes for this menu a little at a time. When I get them the way I want them, I'll put them all together in a meal.

The Final Menu

I'm calling it: Italian Pancetta-Provolone Burgers


  1. Burger

    • lean ground beef

    • pancetta

    • provolone cheese

    • sun-dried tomato pesto

    • whole wheat semolina buns w/black olives

  2. Pasta Caprese Salad

    • whole wheat orzo pasta

    • heirloom tomatoes

    • fresh mozzarella cheese

    • home-grown purple basil

    • roasted garlic yogurt-mayo aoli

  3. Caesar Salad w/a Twist or Two

    • Traditional Caesar ingredients

    • Mushrooms

    • Pickled Peppers

    • Stuffed Green Olives

  4. Dessert

    • Gianduja Gelato

    • Very Vanilla Biscotti


The Buns:

I'm basing my recipe on a semolina flour bun in a cookbook called Burgermeisters by Marcel Desaulniers. The main change I'm making is to substitute whole wheat flour for some of the bread flour. This will likely mean adding a little more liquid, since whole wheat flour tends to absorb more liquid than white flour. The other change I'm making is to add asiago cheese in the dough and on top, as a garnish.

I made the buns and discovered the recipe needs some tweaking. It came out a bit dry, but that may be due to my addition of white whole wheat flour. Next time, I'm going to start with a bit more water. I'm also going to add another tablespoon of olive oil to the dough, which I think will improve the texture.

The picture in the cookbook resembles a crusty French roll, but the instructions neglect the step of using a pan of water to create steam in the oven. Another method to create steam is to squirt the bread with water, but I've found that the pan of water works better. Regardless of what method you use, you don't get that crust without some steam.

So, before I make the complete menu, I need to work on the recipes.

One recipe that needs no work, however, is the Gianduja Gelato. This is a hazlenut milk chocolate gelato. The hazlenuts are used as a flavoring, so the ice cream ends up being super creamy. I made that recipe the same day I made the buns. It's amazing, as are all of the other recipes I've made from my favorite ice cream cookbook. It's The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz.