Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Project Progress

Yesterday I signed up for WordPress. My oldest son recommended it as a starting point for creating the blog that will be the center of my project. I envision a much larger site in the future and Blogspot doesn't have the tools to create what I have in mind. I can import this blog into my WordPress site, when I'm ready to do that.

None of their standard themes really fits my project, so I'm going to have to find out how customizable WordPress is. I suspect that with some practice and digging around in the tools, I can do whatever I want with it. If it turns out I can't do what I want, I'll get a host and use my web design skills to create my own.

Today I researched the subject of my project to see if anyone else has done anything similar, but so far, I haven't found anything. I've found blogs and web sites that have the same theme, but not the same approach as the one I want to take. So, I'm encouraged that my idea is unique enough to make it worthwhile to give it a go.

I need to contact a friend who once suggested searching beyond Google, but I need to find out what he meant by that. I suspect that I won't find anything that's not on Google, though, because my idea is mainstream enough that, if they're tech savvy enough, I'd expect anyone who has done it to get it on Google because that's how their audience will most likely search for it. And if it's not on Google, I wonder if their intended audience would be likely to find it?

My goal is to do at least one thing toward getting this project off the ground each day. I've been thinking about doing "lists of 5", which is a list of 5 things I want to do today toward whatever needs to be done in the various areas of my life. If that turns out to be too much, since I like doing so many different things, maybe I'll go with "lists of 3". It's just a way of keeping the projects moving and manageable.