Saturday, March 06, 2010

Part 2

Well, so far, one new rule each week hasn't happened. I'm making some changes to get better control of my schedule so I can have a better shot at doing the things I need to do to live a healthier life. I've gained a little weight and it's mostly due to stress and too much going on, so I've not been taking the time to plan and track my food and to make sure I get in enough exercise.

So, back to the food rules book. The first rule in part 2 is rule number 22. It says "Eat mostly plants, especially leaves". One thing about that kind of rule is it's lack of specificity. What does "mostly" mean in terms of creating our everyday menus?

When I look at my favorite way to eat, it's full of veggies and fruits. I prefer to have a small bowl of soup, a salad, and one or two vegetables, either as side dishes or incorporated into the main course. I also include a starchy something and meat, cheese, eggs or beans. I like oatmeal or an egg and whole wheat toast in the morning. On the weekends, Paul often makes scrambles with veggies in them. I like to have fruit with each meal. When I do that, I don't crave sweets as much. I pretty much prefer to eat a healthy diet of actual, real food. I suppose that's why this book is so appealing to me. I've been trying to eat that way and it kind of refines the process.

The problem I find with eating that way with is the time issue. The time issue is why a lot of people grab fast food or frozen microwave meals or similarly awful food. I can see that making ingredients during the time I'm not as busy can help. But that requires preplanning and knowing how long it will actually take to do it. I tend to plan, but not allow quite enough time, so I don't get it done. Then I'm scrambling to make good food at the last minute.

So, this week I need to work on making a realistic plan that I can actually follow. One other issue is the whole Weight Watchers thing. I don't cook the same recipes over and over. It takes time, even with the online tools, to figure out the points for a recipe. And time to measure the finished dish to get the proper serving size for the number of points.

I think I need to spend some time every week looking at next week's schedule and seeing where I can do the planning and the prep and the cooking. I can't just set up a routine and follow it because my work schedule varies, but not like when I worked retail and knew each week what my hours would be for the next week. I can set a schedule, but get emails or phone calls from my many employers that require last-minute changes in it. It makes it hard to follow any kind of plan I make for my outside of work life.

I'm making some changes in the way I handle my work life that will help bring some sanity to my life. I'm asking people to tell me when they need a task completed by, which will help me set priorities and get things done when they need to be. If everything is just "do this, please", I have no way of knowing what I can do tomorrow and my hours get crazy. And I'm asking for as much lead time as is possible. Sometimes people don't get things they need to give to me until the last minute. I understand that. But if they know about it a month ahead of time, I'd like them to send it to me. Then I can work on it, a little at a time and say ahead of things instead of contstantly feeling behind.

I hope that will help me manage my whole life better, including being able to stay on track and lose the small amount of weight I gained, as well as continuing to make progress toward that goal.