Saturday, January 09, 2010

2010 & Lots of Changes

My last post was in November. I'd just started my second job at the Steinway Society. I had already made commitments that made December a super busy month. Adding a second job ensured that I was not going to find time to write anything, including this blog, in December. Now it's January and one of the things I'm doing is writing more.

Last month's concerts went really well. I enjoyed every one, whether I was attending or participating. I had the opportunity to hear a local pianist, Sandra Wright Shen, presented by the Steinway Society as part of this season's concert series. She's awesome. The other concert I attended was the San Jose Chamber Orchestra's joint concert with The Choral Project called Winter's Gifts: Hope. Daniel Hughes wrote an awesome Alleluia that I'd love to sing someday.

I sang in three concerts, plus the Christmas Eve service at church. STOCtet sang our annual concert in the lobby at the opening of Ballet San Jose's Nutcracker. That was fun and some people came up to the mezzanine and listened to the whole thing. We sang the same program for our holiday concert. Prince of Peace Sanctuary Choir did Sing Noel, a piece arranged in a similar way to a lessons and carols service. It has readings intermingled with music.

We went to a bunch of holiday parties. Caroling parties, work parties, post-concert parties. We gave a party on New Year's, at which I cooked Julia Child's Beef Bourguinon. I can see why that recipe sold the book to Judith Jones, who became Julia's editor. It was "superb", to quote one of my guests. We attended the Nutcracker,which is a delightful production. We had a great time throughout the season.

Despite the busyness and rushing from one thing to another, I only gained a pound and a half over the holidays. My last weigh in was 2 pounds down, so I lost that plus a half pound more. So my strategy to eat normal days and holiday days worked pretty well. It was the last week of the year where I had problems sticking with my plan. That makes sense because that was when I had the least control over my schedule, my food, my exercise.

I hope to be at least 50 pounds closer to my goal by the end of 2010. But I realize I have no control over that, so my goals are to continue to exercise regularly; to keep track of everything; to continue to eat a healthy diet and see how it goes.

The first concert of 2010, the San Jose Chamber Orchestra and the Cypress String Quartet, is tomorrow. We're almost sold out, so I'm off downtown to work today.