Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Week-and-a-half Later...

I've been so busy this past week and a half. I look at my blog and think--I need to write a post, and then I don't have time. Today I do.

Paul got a job. YAY!! We don't have to move. I may be able to resurrect my cooking project--or come up with a better one. It's not as much money, though, so I may not have much budget to play with.

I'm 2 pounds from reaching the first weight goal I set. I don't expect to reach it this week, though. I'm at a point where the weight loss is slower, which is fine with me.

Today I'm going to test another recipe. This one is for a bread pudding with a bourbon sauce. I'm going to have to find someone to give some of it to because it makes way too much for Paul and I to eat by ourselves.

I'm considering signing up for NaNo again. I sign up, get started, and then life gets busy and I don't finish. But I miss writing, which is why I keep signing up for NaNo--to give me a goal and a reason to write. If I do, I won't start any specific cooking projects, or other new projects, until January. The holiday season is way too swamped for a choir singer and I won't have time for new projects.

I guess my blog is back to being a mishucalanza, what with writing about weight loss, cooking, and writing.