Thursday, October 08, 2009

Almost the End of Week 1

I had a couple more thoughts about the Filling Foods thing today. I didn't have many points left. I only had a couple of activity points, so I was really working hard to figure out what to eat that wouldn't require that I count points. And, I made extra sure to get in some activity.

It wasn't really difficult to find no point foods. I did eat one corn tortilla, but I had activity points to cover it. The big thing was that it took quite a while to put it together. I'd drained some yogurt. I mixed that with garlic I'd roasted and fresh basil and a little salt and pepper. I spread that on celery sticks. That's a keeper for a snack, whether I'm doing Filling Foods or not. I made what amounts to vegan huevos rancheros--black beans, eggs, no-fat salsa and the corn tortilla. It all was very filling. I couldn't finish it. But I was hungry a couple of hours later, so I ate the rest then.

So now I have to figure out what to do about dinner. I think I can easily fit it into the remaining activity points. So, this was a good program for me. I may keep it as a backup or as a way to break a plateau. We'll see how weighing tomorrow goes.