Monday, September 28, 2009

Simply Filling Foods

Weight Watchers has a food plan where you don't have to count points for everything you eat. You eat from the Filling Foods list, follow a few rules, and only count points if you eat foods that aren't on the list. Sounds easy, but the key to having that plan work is to stop eating when you've had enough. Well, knowing how much is "enough" is my biggest problem. However, I'm planning to try it, anyway.

My reasoning is that following that plan will force me to be more aware of how hungry I am and when I'm done eating. I can't just rely on the point count to tell me when to stop eating. And I won't end up eating more than I want "because I have to eat all of my points". Plus, I'd rather not have to calculate the points for everything I eat.

It seems restrictive because of the rules. I don't like food restrictions, except that when I look at what I eat, most of what I eat is from the Filling Foods list. I'm already choosing to eat mostly from that list because it's mostly whole foods. There are some foods that I'll have to count points for, mainly bread and full-fat dairy. I really don't like nonfat dairy products. They're not very satisfying.

One thing that could be a problem is the way they handle starchy foods. No breads, not even whole grain breads, are considered to be a Filling Food. Baking bread is my specialty. So, I'll do what I do now and use my weekly point allowance to cover my homemade bread. Most days I only eat one slice with breakfast, anyway. Whole wheat pasta or potatoes or brown rice can only be eaten once a day, although you can have other types of grains, like polenta or quinoa, at other meals. It makes it kind of hard when you eat out or at pot lucks and so on, since so many pot luck main dishes are based around pasta or potatoes. I'll have to plan in advance for those times.

It will be really interesting creating recipes using this food plan. I can see that there will be some challenges, but I also see that it will be easier in some ways. A lot of my favorite recipes will fit right in. Others will need a bit of tweaking, but it will be fun to figure out how to make them work.

Tomorrow I'm cooking some meals for a friend who's pregnant. She can't stand the smells of cooking, but when it's prepared for her, she can eat a lot more types of foods without getting nauseous. So we worked out some things and she or her husband will be picking them up tomorrow evening. And I have to bake bread. My sourdough starter needs refreshing and we're almost out of the bread I baked a couple of weeks ago.