Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jeans & Clothes--a little rant

I, like every other woman I know, hate buying jeans. As soon as you find some that fit, they stop making them. My problem: I cannot find jeans that sit properly at my waist and aren't too long. I can't wear petite sizes because the rise is too short. But I walk on the hems of average length jeans. And my new jeans fit perfectly, except they're too short in the back and my underwear sticks out the top.

And what's with the 'boot leg' jeans? I can't find straight leg jeans that have normal waists. They all fit below the waistline. Not a good look for me. Can you say "super muffin top"? I hate spending the kind of money they charge for clothes that don't fit or need mending after one wearing.

I have two shirts I need to buy buttons for because the buttons are too small for the buttonholes. So, they don't stay buttoned. I have one shirt that needs the facing ironed because it folds back in the wash. And the style has fabric hooks instead of buttonholes, so there's a gap and my stomach shows through. It's frustrating to dig out the iron for a 1" strip of fabric.

My consolation is that as I lose weight, these clothes will get too big and have to be replaced. Maybe with clothes that fit properly? Or maybe I'll have to buy a sewing machine and start making my own again. At least I can alter the patterns so they fit. And choose colors, fabrics, etc. that appeal to me, rather than being a compromise I've spent too much money on. If I really get ambitious, I could dig out my flat pattern design book and design some of my clothes from scratch. No time these day, but maybe in the future?