Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back to Your Reglarly Scheduled Foodie Program

Now that the jeans rant is out of the way, back to food.

Last night I recreated a favorite meal from Left Bank Brasserie, located at Santana Row in San Jose. I really love their food and have always had a good experience at their restaurant.

One of my favorite things for brunch is the SALADE LYONNAISE: frisée, warm poached egg, bacon, mustard vinaigrette & FONDUE AU FROMAGE brie, blue and goat cheeses. That's the meal I decided to recreate last night.

The Weight Watcher thing means making adjustments to recipes re: portion sizes, how much fat and higher calorie ingredients I use, and so on. So I often add veggies to fill me up without adding extra calories. One of my favorite ways to do that is to make soup. A half cup is the perfect size to go with a meal. Last night I filled in with a Mushroom-Tarragon Soup.

For the meal itself, I used a very small amount of dressing on the salad, just enough to coat the frisee and give me the flavor I'm looking for. The bacon was thick sliced so I only used a half slice per serving. More would have overwhelmed the other flavors in the salad. I discovered that the eggs I buy, which are super fresh, are simple to poach. They are the first eggs I've poached that look like the pictures of poached eggs.

A quarter cup of the cheese fondue was plenty, maybe even too much. I served it with one slice of olive bread and steamed orange cauliflower. The olive bread went very well with the brie, roquefort, and goat cheese blend in the fondue. The cauliflower was wonderful with the cheese. The pale orange color looked good and cheese sauce really enhances the mild flavor of cauliflower.

The meal was easier than I thought it would be to make. After I test some changes, including the portion sizes, I'll post the recipes. I think a smaller serving of fondue and a half slice of bread, along with the cauliflower, would be enough food. I'd like to add some berries, peaches, or apricots to the meal. I think that would make it a more complete light meal.

Note on the lack of pictures: I need to get a better camera so I can take pictures for this blog. Bad food pictures are NOT better than no pictures. Trust me. I've seen blogs with bad food pictures and I never go back to the blog because bad photography makes the food look disgusting. But, I'm picky about photography, anyway. My dad was a professional and my oldest son, David, is also a photographer. So is Paul. When we were dating, we used to take our cameras and go on photo shoots. My family would give me grief if I posted bad food pictures, even if they never read it. And, since no one else is reading this blog, it doesn't really matter whether I post pictures right now, since I know what it looks like.