Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Elizabeth Bear's post, "How to Change the World", struck a chord with me. It reads like the things my sons call my "Momisms" because I believe that only if each individual takes personal responsibility for doing what he can to make things a bit better will they ever be a bit better. If you let cynicism make you stop doing what you can because it never seems to be enough or because you can't see that it makes a difference, then the cynics get their perspective validated and the world seems ruder, colder, and harder than it really is.

But then I'm often told I'm naive and stupid for thinking one person can make any difference and I should follow the crowd and look out for "number one". The thing is that I believe that our purpose in life is to care for each other. Not only our circle of friends and family, but everyone whose lives we touch. If everyone did that, we wouldn't have to feel guilty because we can't care for everyone on the planet. We'd know someone else was caring for those we can't reach.