Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Not much going on these days

So, I'm not blogging much and I realized that part of the reason is that nothing much is happening in my life. It's the midwinter blahs. Christmas concerts are over. Lent starts tomorrow and Lent is not the most cheery season of the church calendar. Luckily, my church doesn't ask you to "give something up for Lent". I have a buddy who's Russian Orthodox and they go vegan for six weeks. I'd have to take iron supplements if I did that.

Here's something that's really fun:
Hidden passageways for your home. I found the link on on Neil Gaiman's blog.

I'm a mystery writer. If I had the funds to build the house of my dreams, I can guarantee you I'd put in at least one secret room or passageway. If my kids were planning on having kids, I'd put a fireman's pole and/or a slide, too, from the loft to the family room below. I have the house designed from top to bottom, except for the secret room/passage part. It's based on a house we used to live in that I really loved.

So, now you all know one of the secret wishes not very many people knew about me before. But, since my muse is 4 years old, it makes sense to have play areas hidden in my house. And what writer doesn't want a place she can sneak off to and be sure no one can interrupt her?