Tuesday, January 17, 2006

This Week

Monday & Tuesday

I'm over the flu and when I can sing a whole song without coughing or needing to blow my nose, I'll be one happy lady.

I've gotten some stuff done, mainly on the mystery writer's course. I'm almost done with the first lesson. There are eight lessons and if all of them take as much time as this one has, I doubt I'll finish in the 6 week time period they've allotted. However, I have all the materials and can take the class a second time, if I need feedback. Or I can just finish on my own.

That's all I got written on Tuesday. I've been kind of in a funk this week. Low energy due to last week's flu. It's one of those that hangs around awhile, but I'm feeling a lot closer to normal now.

Wednesday & Thursday

  • I've got reading for the two classes I'm doing.
  • I need to do a crit for Jean.
  • I need to start my Morning Pages journal again.
  • And clean off my desktop.
I can't find anything. That's enough for today.

I don't like having my blog be a to do list, but right now, it seems like getting things done is my hardest thing. The holidays are over. I'm finally done with the flu. Catching up with things is the main thing on my brain, thus, the to do list.