Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What's Going On These Days

My life always seems packed and busy, but mostly with the minutiae we all have to deal with every day. I think one reason we like fiction so much is that fictional characters lives don't have the boring stuff in them. I'm in "too many errands" mode, again. We have a lot of things to do and can't do them all in one place. We got some of it done this morning, but the rest will have to wait until Thursday.

Paul has a meeting this afternoon. I'm going to have him drop me off at the bookstore so I can write. Tomorrow morning he has his three-hour networking session. I'm going to go to the bookstore and write then, too. In the afternoon, he has an interview. Woohoo!! I'm going to stay home and type in the writing I did in the bookstore.

Back to the interview--I'd appreciate you all sending any good vibes, lit candles, prayers, whatever you do to send good luck and stuff our way tomorrow. I don't know what benefits come with this job, should he get it, but if I can get to a doctor, I'm probably going to have to take some classes in MS Office software and try to find some sort of office job. I don't think this job will pay enough for us to live on just his income because apartment rents haven't come down. Drive down any street and every apartment complex has for rent signs. Many have "move-in" specials. Or the weirdly phrased "Free rent" sign. I don't get landlords. Apparently, they'd rather have empty buildings than lower the rent to what people can really afford on the wages companies these days are willing to pay.

We were given tickets to see the local American Musical Theater production of West Side Story on Thursday night. I don't know if tickets are still available for the last performances. The run ends on Sunday. If you're local and are interested, here's the info on all of their performances: American Musical Theater of San Jose. Barbara Day Turner, our church choir director, is the music director for this play. They're doing Gypsy in March. It's one of our favorite shows. Paul played Mr. Goldstone in a community production before I met him. Maybe we'll be able to go to that one, too.

She also is the founder and music director of the San Jose Chamber Orchestra. We're going to their Winter's Gifts concert in December. For more information: San Jose Chamber Orchestra. One of the pieces listed in the program was composed by our church organist, Michael Touchi. Personally, I don't know how Barbara and Michael manage to fit the very active church music program in their busy professional schedules. But I'm very glad they do because it's such a pleasure to work with them.