Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Recently Published Books

Yesterday two books came out that you should check out. One, Threads of Malice by Tamara Siler Jones, I recommended recently. It's available now. Go, buy it.

The other I haven't read yet. It's on my "to buy" list. I haven't seen it in the local stores yet, though, and I don't have a big enough order to get free shipping, so I'm not buying it online.

It's an anthology. My friend, C.E. Murphy, wrote Banshee Cries one of three novellas for the book, titled Winter Moon. The other two novellas are Moontide by Mercedes Lackey and The Heart of the Moon by Tanith Lee. Banshee Cries features Catie's main character from Urban Shaman, Jo Walker. That's enough of a recommendation for me, because I really like Jo and enjoyed Urban Shaman. I'm looking forward to the sequel.