Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Private Demon--Part 2

From the back cover:

Night after night, Thierry slips into Jema's dreams, fulfilling her deepest, darkest desires. In the arms of her private demon lover, Jema finds that her fantasy is becoming more important to her than anything in reality. But Thierry's sensual visits have placed her in the crossfire between two ancient enemies: a religious order known as the Brethren and a cadre of immortals known as the Darkyn....

Private Demon by Lynn Viehl is the sequel to If Angels Burn, which I reviewed back at the end of August. Although you don't have to read If Angels Burn to follow the story in Private Demon, I recommend that you do so. The stories do connect and the experience will be richer if you read both.

In a recommendation, it's common to discuss the characters, the plot, the setting, the theme, all the different parts of a novel. But Sheila's books are so complex and the parts so entwined with each other that I find it difficult to pull out pieces and dissect them. She's created a dark, but compelling world that I want to keep visiting. She's created an ongoing character ensemble that I want to learn more about. And she makes you think. Yes, it's romance, but it's more than just two people getting an HEA ending. I don't think Sheila knows how to write "fluff". In the interest of not revealing too much about the story, since I absolutely hate spoilers, I'll let you discover the richness of Sheila's work by reading her books for yourself.

I know that after the next book, Dark Need, comes out, I'm going to revisit all of the Darkyn books and read them again, in order. That's not something I do often because my TBR shelves are so full that I don't have as much time to reread books as I have books I want to reread. But these, I will. And I can anticipate repeating myself after Dark Need comes out next June.

Oh--I'm leaving this up top the rest of the week. See you with a new post on Monday.