Friday, October 21, 2005

Distracted This Week

I just noticed I didn't post yesterday. I've been distracted this week by things happening around here. It looks like the job's a no go. That's the way it happens, sometimes.

Please keep the people in the way of Hurricane Wilma in your thoughts and prayers. I know a bunch of folks who live in Florida or who have friends or family there.

A "homework" assignment
Way back in September, Carter Nipper, posted a homework assignment which interested me, but I haven't had time to write before today.

Here's his assignment:
  • Do you post your first draft or edit?
  • Why?
  • How much time do you spend thinking about and preparing a post before it goes online?
  • Anything else you'd like to add?
  1. I always edit.
  2. I don't think in an orderly manner. If I posted my unedited first draft, you'd all be wondering what in the heck I'm talking about because I write in a mixed-up order. Now, I'm not saying I'm always clear when I'm done editing, but at least you get a reasonable shot at understanding me. I'm also a lousy typist. It's a paradox. I'm a great speller, but I hit the wrong keys. If I didn't fix it, you'd think a first-grader could spell better than I do. And, I'm a writer. Saying what I mean as clearly as I know how to say it and writing clean are important to me. I don't lower my standards because it's "just a blog post".
  3. It depends on the post. I don't think a lot about the fun quizzes and silly stuff. They're fillers for days when I'm extra busy or am working on an essay to post another day. I spend a little more time on the recipes because they require formatting. And I hope to teach a little about cooking to people who maybe haven't cooked much from scratch, so I spend time making the instructions clear and adding helpful notes. I spend a lot of time on essays and recommendations and such. It takes me a while to hone in on what I want to say, same as it does in my fiction. I change the order of things and cut the rambles that are really interesting, but not pertinent to that essay. Some of them become topics for other essays.
  4. I'm really enjoying blogging. I was afraid one of two things would happen if I started a blog. One--I'd blog so much I'd neglect my novel. Or, two, I'd run out of things to blog about. Neither has happened so far. I limit myself to one post a day, which keeps number one under control. I pay attention to things going on around me, which gives me things to write about, so number two hasn't been an issue, either. I plan to keep doing this until it's not fun anymore. I hope whoever's reading it enjoys it, but that's a bonus. I like that people are reading my blog, but getting a bazillion readers isn't my reason for writing it, nor is it a particular goal of mine. I want that audience for my books. (grin)