Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Obligatory Intro Post

I've been told that it's standard blog etiquette to tell something about yourself in an "intro to the blog" post. Here's a thumbnail sketch. I'm a middle-aged mama hen. I've been happily married to the same guy for 28 years. We have two grownup sons and one daughter-in-law. One of our son's friends is living with us. We have one mostly gray old lady cat named Smokey who posts messages when I'm chatting. I have a busy life for someone who mostly stays home. Stays home--SAHW. Stay-At-Home-Writer. I used to be an SAHM, but the kids grew up.

I've been thinking about starting a blog for a while. It seems like I'm the only person without one, although that's just a perception based on the fact that I hang out with a lot of writers. Blogs are a natural for writers and they've enthusiastically embraced this technology. Recently one friend, Andi, started Fetu's Lantern. I never expected her to do a blog. My son, Chris, started one, Drippy's Rantings. And another friend, June, decided to write in hers, jddrexler , after starting it 7 months ago. My fear was that a blog would become the biggest procrastination device. I'm going to avoid this problem by borrowing a trick from another friend, Sheila, whose great advice can be found on her blog-- PBW

Starting a blog because everyone else has one is pretty lame. What changed my mind is that I read a lot of blogs. They provoke thoughts. I've been writing little essays in my personal journal about what I've been reading. It's not satisfying to write them just for myself. Of course, if no one reads this blog, I'll still be writing just for myself, but at least other people will have the opportunity to read them.

Along with the thoughts provoked by other people, I want to write about writing. No surprise there. All writers write about writing. I'm assuming that most of the people who might take a look at this know me from Forward Motion, a site for writers started by Holly Lisle, who's website can be found at Holly Lisle.com, or are relatives or friends. If you're in one of those categories, you know that I've been working on a mystery novel as part of Zette's 2-Year Novel class on Forward Motion.

Class info, if you're a writer looking for a freebie class on writing: The next class won't start until January. This is the second year she's taught the class. If she teaches a third year, look for registration information in December.

Forward Motion info: You don't have to wait until December to check out FM (as we call it). There's lots going on you can participate in to improve your writing. it's a great place to get to know other writers, too. It's all free, although Zette, current site owner and administrator, accepts donations to help defray the costs of running such a huge site. She has a blog, too. It's Zette's Writing and Photography.

I won't be posting a lot about writing the novel at first, though. I'm taking a hiatus from the writing until after we're settled in our own place. We hope that will happen later this summer.

Another topic that's likely to be a big one in here is food. I'm an enthusiastic foodie. I love to cook. I love to create my own recipes. I keep saying that one day I'm going to write a cookbook that focuses on food for one or two people, but it's not a top priority in my life. Related to food is weight-loss and exercise. I know that I'm planning to get back to a more healthy balance in my diet and start walking again once we have our own place again. I'm sure I'll end up posting about that in here, too.

Music will likely be a part of the blog. I sing in church choir. We played in the handbell choir at church, also. But we're going to have to give that up because Paul's new work schedule conflicts with the rehearsal time. When I had musical instruments, I played the piano, flute, recorder, and guitar. Somewhere in the budget, sometime when I don't have to buy necessities like bookcases for the usual outrageous number of books writers and cooks accumulate (not to mention the music musicians accumulate) and beds so we don't have to sleep on air mattresses on the floor for very long, I hope to replace our musical instruments, including my husband's clarinet. We used to have such fun playing flute/clarinet duets. I miss that.

Hobbies are likely to take up some space on this blog. I do those in spurts. I sew for a while. Then I may do photography or work on drawings. I may do various types of needlecrafts. I may do something entirely new. I love trying new and different hobbies. The next one I plan to try is quilting. It's one of the few needlecrafts I haven't tried. It's been on that "list of things I want to try" that the self-help books are fond of having you make. I don't do self-help books much anymore, but I do keep that list because it's fun. I have two writer friends who quilt, Tambo, (yes, she has a blog--Tamboblog) and Sheila, who has a blog dedicated to quilting--A Stitch in Time. I don't worry about how long it may take to finish a project when it's a hobby because the process of doing it is what's important to me, not getting it done as fast as possible. Once I figured that out about myself, I started to enjoy my hobbies more because I wasn't feeling so guilty about the half-finished stuff that I pull out and work on when the mood strikes. I finish them--eventually.

I'm likely to talk about multimedia. Books. TV. Music. Movies. The Internet. Video games. All the stuff we have that can be interesting, intellectual, thought-provoking, a stress-reliver, a time-waster, mind-boggling, mind-bending, or mind-numbing, depending on the choices we make. I don't subscribe to the theory that "TV is bad". Or "you should only choose books as your entertainment." There's good TV and horrible books. You won't learn which are which here. You'll just learn what I think and if you discover you and I have similar tastes, or radically different tastes, maybe you'll find my reviews and musings helpful or, at least, interesting.

Why do I keep saying that I'm "likely" to write about those subjects? Because I tend to be very spontaneous. What ends up in here will be whatever's going on that I think is interesting that day. So, there may be a ton of posts about writing, then nothing for a bit while I write about music or a batch of wonderful books I'm reading. I hope to keep the topics varied and interesting. I hope to write often enough to make it worthwhile for people to read regularly. Since I've always been curious and consider myself a life-long learner, things will pop up that are nothing more than "my latest interest". Who knows what those things may be? I certainly don't. That's why I love life so much. There's always something interesting going on somewhere. I hope that enthusiasm shows in what I write about here.