Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Finished Harry Potter--no spoilers

I finished Harry Potter. And now I want to reread them all, including this last one. She puts so many subtle things in that you don't see until you read them as a whole. So I end up rereading them. She left a lot of questions for Book 7. I'm eagerly awaiting that one. I suspect I'm going to be thinking about this book a lot over the next few days. There's a lot to think and wonder about in this book. I'm also wondering when they're going to do the next film. And hoping they don't screw it up, since it's based on the first of the really long books. They're going to have to do either a 2-part movie, with an intermision, or cut a whole bunch out of the story.

Last night we celebrated Chris's 21st birthday. We gave him a fantasy-themed chess set. I promised him I'd play him this afternoon. I will get beat because he has a knack for strategy and I don't. I doubt I'll ever beat him, but I keep trying, anyway. He beats me at Pente, too. And we're about even with Gin Rummy. But we have fun, which is the important thing to me.